Is that true, today many students at university are more oriented to lifestyle?

Yes, might be most of them but there are still many students who really want to study in college, whether it’s a lifestyle

defined by the environment? or is it all depends on each individual? as my experience in the past when I was carrying out

science/knowledge in bachelor degree program, I might be affected by the surrounding environment (too much concerned

with lifestyle than learning) but I’m reminded of the mandate given by my parents that my goal is just to study at university,

gradually I think about my future if I did not study seriously I would not get anything when I graduate next, so when

half-semester I started to change my lifestyle even though I did not directly 180 degrees but piecemeal (The most important

thing is action although only slightly). turns out what I was doing it was work, so I could prove that my god promise of “man

jadda wajada” who was earnestly he’ll succeed) even though I was a nobody but at least I could change all of that into a

better life because success was not to be on what you have accomplished but how far do you live process, the final word I

would like to appeal to the students that do positive change and towards better even though there is little or small things.

Thanks For all



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