My first Article in English

I would tell you a little about what I get when I attended lecture magister program at my university on last Friday, the class was very interesting and talked about our country, the first question is actually what is wrong with our country so it lagged far behind from the other countries in the some aspects (as you know) but our country is very rich, what does not exist in our country? is it possible the way of manage? Let us start with the human-being, my professor explained that there are three aspects in the human-being are mind, body, and emotion, now we ask to ourselves, is it true that we have a human being? is it true that we have feelings? Cause before we penetrated into our  government, we must know who we are as human beings?. There’s an interesting question from my professor is how to reform ourself? it turns out the answer is the first we must know who we are?, and I want to ask you wether reformation was good or no? certainly good if u have done the right way and run in the right way, and if we watch the news I felt I have little hope for our government officials to carry out the mandate that is given to us all, even though a lot of smart people there but they can’t carry out our mandate, instead they corrupt government funds however not all of them but why? Aren’t they smart? made intelligence as a value-added but it doesn’t to hurt others so when they corrupt Wheter they still have feelings or emotion? Could they are called human-being? Please don’t do that let’s we develop and contruct our country with the right way not the wrong way, please realized if indonesia need a help for a better condition, well what should we do?

I think that’s all that I could tell to you all and I hope you thought the same as what I just have thought


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