My song lirycs



 D                 Gm

Fin Findry I really love u

D                  Gm

Fin Findry I really Miss u


Am                                                             Gm

Just the knowledge you never know I cried when you are gone

Am                                                Gm

Just the knowledge I couldn’t help it


D                                           Dm7

And I wanna be with you forever

B                                                   Am                                     Gm

Oh I wanna to say sorry, I remembered memories we made it

D                                  Dm7                            B

And I regret for my mistakes, please don’t live in the dark,

Am                                                       Gm

everything’s gonna be alright tonight

Am                                                               Gm

When I am alone I always remember you,

Am                                                          Gm

when u are gone who watch over me


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